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Ohayocon University for 2014 (full panel list)

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Posted 06 December 2013 - 09:28 AM

It is my pleasure to announce the final list of panels approved for the Ohayocon University for 2014. Thank you to all who submitted this year, I and the judges really were impressed with the quality of panels we received this year.



We regret that not all panels fit with our schedule and we encourage any individuals who wanted to do an “ask a character” or “performance panel” to look into the Ohayocon Ōpunmaikunaito.


The Judges and I will be contacting a select group of panels that did not make the list to be back-ups at con.


We will be contacting the lead panelists very soon to review the schedule that we have laid out and looking to see if it will work before releasing it publicly (which should happen very soon).


The 2014 Panels

100 Ghost Story Adventure

 A Dark Souls Panel: Prepare to Die Edition

A Guide to Retro Import Gaming

A Metal… Gear? Panel

After the Sewing

Anime Bingo Party!

Anime Hell

Anime Name That Tune

Anime Physics Fails

Anime Super Millionaire

Anime vs. Manga: Why Does This Adaptation Suck!?

Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

Asian Horror Magical Misery Tour

Baking for the Otaku

Ballroom 101

Biceps & Chainsaws: A Gears of War Retrospective

B00bs Don't Get Bank: Which Anime Really Sell?

Boogiepop and the Dark Side of Magical Girls

Branded: A Berserk Fan Panel

Chopstick Genius: A Hands-on Education!  


Comics for Manga Fans

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Props and Armor Using Pepakura

Costume Construction Basics

Couples Couch Co-op Compilation II

Crossplay Do's and Don'ts: Tips on Fooling the Masses  

Dancing with Demons: A Black Butler Panel

Dancing With the (Sailor) Stars!

Digital Eden Karaoke (one night)

Do Fairies Have a Tail?

Do You Even Pose?: A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Panel

Does Evangelion Suck? : The Debate

Don’ts and Don’ts at a Con! 18+ Edition

DOTA 2 : Into the Trench

Dub All The Things: A History of Localization In America

Elementary, My Dear Otakus

Evangelion: You Can (Not) Discuss

Everything Ghibli

Exploring the World of Anime Movies

Fabrication on a Dime

Fetishes In Anime

FLCL: Little Prince Curry

Free and Easy: A History of Anime Consumption

Furries 101


Gensokyo Madness: A Touhou Panel

Ghost in the Shell: Plugged In

Girls' Generation Dancing Tutorial

Gotta Catch’em All: The Impact of the Pokémon Franchise

Gundam: The Experience: The Panel

Gunpla 101: From Runners to Robots

Halo Tips and Tricks

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Panel

How Bout That Carry

How to Make Music on the Nintendo Gameboy

Intro to Magi

Iron Magical Girls and Guys

It’s a Boondocks Panel, Huey Freeman

Japan and the Beautiful Game

Japanese Food for the Western Taste

Jojo’s Bizarre Panel

Jrock for Everyone!

Karaoke (one night)

Kimono 101+102

Language of Smut

Late Night Movie Special Pt 1 – Video Department

Late Night Movie Special Pt 2 – Video Department

Learn an Anime, J-Pop, or K-Pop Dance

Legends of Equestria: Fan-made 3D MMORPG

Let's Believe Heroes: Tiger & Bunny Fan Panel

Lolitia Fashion

Looking Through the Kaleidoscope: A Type-Moon Introspective

Lore of Kingdom Hearts

Makeup for Steampunks and Cosplayers

Making and Marketing a Visual Novel

Manga Japanese Critics Love

Master Class: Panel Crafting 501

Minecraft Madness

Moon Prism Power, Make Up! 20 Years of Sailor Moon!

Monster Hunter: The Guild Hall Meeting

My Little Pony 2013: The State of the Fandom.

Mythological Archetypes in Anime

Nevermind The Buzzcocks: Anime Con Edition

No Need for Tenchi

Ohayocon AMV Contest Awards Ceremony

Ohayou Sensei! A Day in the Life of a Japanese Student

Ongaku: Intro to J-Pop

 Panda's 18+ GameSHOW

Philosophy in Video Games

Politics & War in Mecha Anime

Politics in Video Games

Pokemon Conspiracy Theories

Ponies and Bronies for Newbies

Project Cosplay: Ohayocon Edition

Prop Making: Novice to Master

Rejoice! - A Fate/Stay Panel

Religious Parallelism

Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Tale of Two Franchises

Sewing Men's Clothing

Shibari 101

Shiny Sailor Moon Musicals

Shoujos and Robos -

Shut Up About Your Dragons: A Flight Rising Panel

Soycaf and AK-97’s: An Introduction to Shadowrun 5th Edition

Space + Ninjas = Warframe?

Stop! You Have Violated the Panel! – Elder Scrolls

Steampunk goes Anime

Stitch & Stuff: Plushie-making 101

Stuff From Japan

Teen Titans, Assemble!

Terror on the orient express.

The ¥10,000 Pyramid

The Chrono Saga: Leap Through Time

The Definitive Light Novel Panel

The First Annual (we think) Ohayocon AMV Editor contest

The Golden Age of Late-Night Anime

The History of Japanese Food

The Legendary Hentai Panel

The Man Behind the Nose: A Noboyuki Fukumoto Primer

The Official Ohayocon AMV Contest

The Ohayocon Game Show 2014!

The Ohayocon Game Show 2014 Qualification Quiz!

The Roots of Tokusatsu

The Science of Kingdom Hearts

Things That Go Bump In The Night 2.0

Thirty Years Through the Frontier- A Vampire Hunter D Panel

Together We Ride: Fire Emblem

Tokusatsu: The Joy of Kaiju Battles

Toonami Nostalgia

Transform & Roll out: 30 Years of Transformers

Unpopular Anime Appreciation

Vampires Don't Sparkle

Video Games You Don't Want To Know

Villainy 101: How to be a “Good” Bad Guy

Visual Novels 101: More than Just Dating Sims and Porn

We's Titans - Attack on Titan

Weirdest Games Never Played

When Is A Game Not A Game?

Which Macross is Best Macross?

Wig Envy

Whose Line it is Anime?!

Worlds Light and Dark: Even a Devil May Cry

Writing: Going Beyond Fanfiction

Writing Lemons: More Than Fifty Shades

XX without the XXX

Your Cup of Tea

YouTube Poop 6: The Last Dinner

You Know You're A Fangirl When....

YOU WA SHOCK! The Panel of the North Star 

Matthew Sucre
The Ohayocon University aka Panel Programing

Panelist: 100 Ghost Stories

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